Vanishing Deck - Bicycle Design (Plastic Case)

Vanishing Deck - Bicycle Design (Plastic Case)

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Asked to perform some magic, the performer takes out a deck of cards which are sat inside a protective card case. He takes the deck out from the case and opens it show a normal deck of cards.

The performer takes out the first card and shows it to his audience. He promises that he's going to make the shown card vanish right before their eyes!

He asks them to watch carefully as he places the card back inside the deck and closes the deck box's lid. He places the deck back inside its protective case and clicks his fingers..

The performer turns the card case over to show that the whole deck has magically vanished into thin air!

The Vanishing Deck has been a best-seller in our shop for a long time now, where its visual vanish always stuns our audience, often baffling novices and more experienced magicians alike!

Rather then just make the deck disappear you could use other items to transform it instead- why not change it to a matchbox, silk or miniature sized deck!

Its very easy to do (almost self working), and the fact that you can show the inside of the deck and even take out a card to show people really makes this one heck of a neat trick!

Comes ready to work, with instructions.
Skill Rating: Easy

Skill Ratings Explained
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.
 Intermediate - This trick requires some practice to perform, but is not difficult to master.
 Difficult - This trick requires considerable practice.
The majority of magic in our catalogue requires little or no slight of hand, leaving you free to perfect your presentation.
It is suitable for the hobbyist or professional. Needless to say that this does not mean it can be bought and performed infront of an audience in five minutes!
Magic is an art form and must be practiced so the performance given is professional, entertaining and a near miracle. (even if you are a hobbyist).

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