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A marked deck where the magician can tell the identity of every card from the back is one of the most useful card decks permitting you to perform literally hundreds of tricks. There are several books and manuscripts on the market for performing tricks with a marked cards, and our “Magic With a Marked Deck” was one of the first, originally published 39 years ago, and has become something of a classic.

There are many designs of marked decks, some very bold and some very subtle.

This Bicycle design marked deck is one of the easiest to read but highly deceptive. We have these available in red back Bicycle design. These are not original Bicycle Cards, but an similar design, modified for the marking. 

You can very easily use them for dozens of tricks of your own, or get one of the many books available on this very versatile deck.

Please note – these cards are sold for entertainment purposes only. They are not designed for, and not made for gambling with cards.


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