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The performer displays a small plastic box and a ball with a pair of strings running through it.

He pops the ball inside the box with the strings poking out of either side of the box. He places the box inside a spectator's hand and gets them to hold it in a fist.

Now he takes a string from either side of the spectator's fist and ties them over the top of their hand. Now the ball and its strings are well and truly trapped by the spectator's fist!

Finally the performer takes hold of the ends of the string in both hands and quickly pulls them- the two strings magically penetrate straight through the ball, the box AND the spectators fist right before their eyes!

Everything can now be handed out for examination! This simple little trick is visually mind blowing!

Skill Rating:
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.

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