Little Hand - Baby's Hand

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The Little Hand is a popular gag trick that's loved by both magicians and our regular jokeshop customers!

The performer borrows a coin from a spectator. He places the coin on his outstretched palm and makes a fist with his other hand.

The performer tells everyone to keep their eyes on the coin as he whistles playfully, as if calling on a pet. To the shock of the onlookers a tiny human hand gingerly reaches out from inside his closed fist and snatches the coin away right before their eyes!

This delightful little gag never ceases to get a laugh or even a squeal from kids and ladies!

Little Hand does come with a coin of its own, but it works with any iron based currency- here in the UK we find a the newer 1p coin is perfect!

Skill Rating:

 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.

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