Instant Growing Worms

Instant Growing Worms

Loftus LF-0100
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Instant Growing Worms Joke

Keep a couple of these small pellets on you when you go out for drinks with your friends. Put one into their drink and watch it grow to 8cm or 3 inches in length in a few seconds!

Just watch their faces when they think that there is a real worm in their drink! Some people laugh, some are shocked and some almost want to cry until they realise it's a joke. And you Get 4 worms per package.

These are not real worms but they are the next best thing - fast foam expanding replicas. When the worm is expanded you can still keep it to use again and again although they only expand once.

Do NOT consume drink after adding worms!

They work in all types of liquid, wine, beer, spirits, tea, coffee, water etc.

Put one in your mates pint, put one in your girlfriends glass of wine (if you dare), put one in your mothers morning coffee.

4 Worms per pack.

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