Grow Your Own Willy - Or Buy One For a Friend!

Grow Your Own Willy - Or Buy One For a Friend!

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Grow Your Own Willy!

This willy doesn't need Viagra, won't finish early and actually grows in water instead of shrinking!

Simply place this little willy in water and within 2 hours it will start to grow, reaching up to 600% its original size in just 72 hours! 

Once removed it will slowly shrivel back to its original size, so it can be grown again and again!!

Just the thing for a Secret Santa pressie or Hen Do party favour!
  • Grow Your Own Willy!
  • Reusable growing willy- remove from water and they shrink back down to original size ready for re-growing!
  • Grows up to 600% of original size!
  • Non-toxic

Additional Information:
This is an Adult Novelty for Silly Minded Grown Ups! It is NOT a toy!
Do not eat your willy... Do not eat this either!
Choking hazard due to small parts ;- )

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