Flaming Silk/Ball Production Casket

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This is a miniature metal casket the audience can see right through from three sides.

Light a match, and the inside of the casket bursts into flames.

Instantly the flames go off, and a sponge ball or silk handkerchief can be made to visibly appear in the casket.

We supply you the powder coated metal casket, sturdily constructed to last as long as you care to use it, and appropriate for the “fire” feature. You would need to use lighter fuel for the fire. You could also use it without the fire, and have a ball or silk visibly and instantly appear in the empty casket.

This Production Casket is ideal for use in a sponge ball or silk routine, where the ball or silks are vanished, and reappear visibly in the box. Alternately, you can produce a silk or ball, then proceed to perform some other routine – like a sponge ball routine, or a silk effect.

Size Approx 2" Cube

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