Extendable Metal Back Scratcher 50cm

Extendable Metal Back Scratcher 50cm

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Isn't it just annoying when you get one of those itches on your back that you just can't... quite... reach... no matter how hard you try?!

Well now you can get to any itch with this Back Scratcher!

This stainless steel Back Scratcher extends to a handy 50cm long, meaning there's nowhere that its little rake can't reach for a good scratching!

Then when you are done just collapse it back down to its 15cm standard position making it easy to store and/or carry.

A great gift idea and handy little novelty!

  • Stainless Steel Back Scratcher with Metal Handle.
  • Fully extendable from 15cm to 50cm
  • Make sure you or a friend can reach all those hard to get at itches!
  • Supplied loose with tag, colour picked at random

Additional Information:
This is not a toy!
Choking Hazard - small parts.
Not suitable for children.

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