Colour Changing Paddles

Colour Changing Paddles

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If our Rainbow Chips and Spot Paddles magic tricks made a baby together then these Colour Changing Paddles would be the result!

The performer shows a pair of paddles, one coloured with Black on both sides and the other in White.

The performer 'kisses' the Paddles together for a moment and they instantly swap colours- now the Black Paddle is showing White and the White one is Black!

The performer kisses the Paddles together again and their colours swap back to the original sides.. but its about to get a lot weirder!

The performer rubs the two Paddles together and this time one of them changes colour completely! A bright colour has replaced both sides of one of the Paddles right before the spectator's eyes!

The performer repeats the rub, changing the other Paddle to have a bright colour too! Now when he kisses them together they change once more, but this time into new completely new colours instead of the old Black/White!

This eye catching visual trick includes everything you need to perform it, including the two specially gimmicked 10cm Paddles, reset gimmick and instructions. 

Skill Rating:
 Intermediate - This trick requires some practice to perform, but is not difficult to master.

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