Bicycle Cards - Tragic Royalty Edition

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'Tragic Royalty' Special Edition Bicycle Playing Cards!

With over 120 years of experience, The United States Playing Card Company know how to make playing cards!

Using custom paper and coatings, Bicycle Playing Cards are high quality and feature an air cushion finish.

No wonder they are the preferred playing card brand of magicians the world over!

Do you have a Goth side? Bicycle® Tragic Royalty playing cards do too!

The Tragic Royalty Deck is designed with bold black and dark-red backs, with whimsical and ghoulish court cards (similar in style to something from a Tim Burton film), each with separate impish poses and the Ace of Spades tangled in a fitting spider web.

The biggest surprise of all – these Bicycle® playing cards glow in the dark when used under a black light!

Imagine how cool your next game night could be with these playing cards. The perfect gift for card players, card collectors, magicians or just another way to impress the kids with a deck of cards for family game night!

As always these decks are printed by the United States Playing Card Company on premium stock with their trademark quality finish.
  • Tragic Royalty Special Edition Bicycle Playing Cards
  • Standard Size With Unique Gothic Themed Art on Fronts & Striking Backs
  • Full 52 Card Pack of Playing Cards Including Jokers
  • UV Sensitive- Glows Under Black Light!
  • Top Quality With Air Cushion Finish & Premium Stock

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