Twice Dice Set

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These dice are known as Twice Dice
(sometimes called “Elimination Dice”, “Forcing Dice” or “One-way Tops”).

On each die, one number has been replaced by another. For example the Double-Six has an extra 6 instead of a 1, and the Double-Five has an extra 5 instead of a 2, and so on...
The extra number is on the opposite face to its double, so they are never visible at the same time.
Only a close examination will give the game away.
Magicians use these dice to force a predetermined outcome. Role-playing gamesters use them to fine-tune the odds on certain eventualities. They are also of interest to teachers and students of statistics ... not to mention unscrupulous tricksters who want to win dice games!

Set contains 6x gimmick dice & 2x regular dice:
1x Double-One
(Has an extra 1 instead of a 6)
1x Double-Two (Has an extra 2 instead of a 5)
1x Double-Three (Has an extra 3 instead of a 4)
1x Double-Four (Has an extra 4 instead of a 3)
1x Double-Five (Has an extra 5 instead of a 2)
1x Double-Six (Has an extra 6 instead of a 1)
2 x Matching regular dice (to hand out for examination)

Size: 16mm - rounded edges and corners
Colour: Red with white dimple spots


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