Travelling Cubes

Travelling Cubes

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The performer presents 2 rectangular shaped tubes and a little stack of 3 plastic cubes.

He pops one of the tubes over the 3 cubes, makes a magical gesture between them and there's a noise from within the other tube! He lifts the tubes to show one of the cubes has magically transferred across to the empty tube!

He repeats the process again and again, and each time another cube mystically transfers across into the other tube until all the cubes have moved over in this way!

The performer finishes with what he calls a 'long distance travel'- he removes one of the cubes and puts it in his pocket. He makes a gesture and sure enough when he tips out the tube the cube has returned once again!

This trick is part of a range of very simple and visual magic tricks, ones which are great for beginners of all ages, kids included!

Skill Ratings Explained
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.
 Intermediate - This trick requires some practice to perform, but is not difficult to master.
 Difficult - This trick requires considerable practice.
The majority of magic in our catalogue requires little or no slight of hand, leaving you free to perfect your presentation.
It is suitable for the hobbyist or professional. Needless to say that this does not mean it can be bought and performed infront of an audience in five minutes!
Magic is an art form and must be practiced so the performance given is professional, entertaining and a near miracle. (even if you are a hobbyist).

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