Small Tattoo Temporary - Assorted Designs

Small Tattoo Temporary - Assorted Designs

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What are temporary tattoos?

Often referred to as 'fake', 'removeable' and 'water based' tattoos, these non-toxic and harmless transfers are easily applied to the skin in just a few seconds using water.

Once on they look pretty realistic and with care will usually last for around 2-5 days!

You can easily remove them simply with adhesive tape, cleansing alcohol or just with gentle scrubbing in the bath or shower!

Each sheet contains usually 1x temporary tattoo, although some designs feature several smaller tattoos instead!

There are lots of designs avilable covering a variety of popular Tattoo themes.

There's too many to individually list, so instead we have categorised them into two broad and sweeping categories: 'Men's Tattoos' & 'Ladies Tattoos'.

The Men's Tattoos includes more traditionally 'masculine' tattoos (Skulls, Snakes, Beasts, etc). The Ladies Tattoos includes more traditionally 'feminine' tattoos (Dolphins, Lips, Hearts, etc.).

Lastly we've included a third option- 'Surprise Me!'. Pick this one to recieve one of the many designs totally at random!

Choose the option you want from the drop down box!
  • Temporary Tattoo- Small Sheet
  • 1x Small Size Temporary Tattoo Sheet
  • Easy to Use, Safe & Non-toxic
  • Great Retro Gift Item
  • Choose the Kind of Design You Want From The Drop Down Box!
Additional Information:
Do not apply to sensitive areas or near eyes.
Not suitable for children below 3 years of age.

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