Rubber Chicken

Rubber Chicken

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One of the most iconic joke props, the Rubber Chicken is symbol of Comedy, Buffoonery and general silliness everywhere!

The origins of the Rubber Chicken seem to have been lost in time, but it's suspected to have come from Jesters who used Inflated Pig Bladders on the end of sticks for poking Royal subjects and performing other acts of assorted daftness. Some how this turned into the Rubber Chicken you see today!

This full sized Rubber Chicken features plucked yellow body with painted eyes, legs and crest details.

A great retro novelty and excellent for stand ups, plays and performances!

Choked the Chicken lately? Well now you can! 
  • The Classic Rubber Chicken Comedy Prop
  • Approx. 51cm (20") long
  • Features plucked yellow appearance with painted legs, crest and eyes.
  • Hollow Rubber/Latex with hole in mouth so you can 'stuff' the chicken if necessary!

Additional Information:
Keep away from fire.

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