Purse Frame

Purse Frame

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This Purse Frame is such a simple item, but with some imagination and practice can become an eye catching trick!

For example, the performer presents his 'purse' to the spectators. What's unusual about it? Well, you should be able to see by looking. Its invisible! The only bit you can see is the metal clasp on the top!

The performer demonstrates that it is a purse- he opens the clasp, reaches in and produces a coin!

He places it back inside and shuts the purse and the coin has once again disappeared!

Various items can be produced in this way, anything you can plausibly fit through the purse frame. Coins, sponge balls, whatever you want!

The Purse Frame is sold loose in display bag without instructions because there isn't any! Only the prop and your imagination!

This unusual little item is perfect for performers who are skilled at sleight of hand and palming techniques who can really have some fun with this!

Skill Rating:
 Difficult - This trick requires considerable practice.

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