Marine Animal - Plastic Sea Creature Toy - Assorted Designs

Marine Animal - Plastic Sea Creature Toy - Assorted Designs

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Everyone knows that kids love sea creatures, so why not buy them one or two of these!?

Each of these animal toys measures from between 3" to 5.5" and is made from a sturdy but flexible plastic.

A variety of different animals styles are available including Sharks, Jellyfish, Crabs, Lobsters, Walruses, Rays, Starfish, Sea Turtle, Sea Horses, Octopuses and Emperor Penguins!
One will be picked at random, although if you order several we'll try to give you a varied mixture from what's available!

Great stocking fillers and just the thing to keep the kids occupied!

  • 1x Marine Animal Toy
  • Featuring a single plastic Marine Animal Figure
  • Assorted Colours & Styles Available, One Will Be Selected Randomly.

Additional Information:
Not recommended for children below 3 years of age.
Chocking Hazard due to small pieces.

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