Marine Animals (12 Pack) - Assorted Plastic Sea Creature Toys

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Everyone knows that kids love sea creatures, so why not buy them this multipack of marine creatures!

Each of these animal toys measures from between 3" to 5.5" and is made from a sturdy but flexible plastic.

12 different sea animals are included in the pack: 2x Sharks, 1x Jellyfish, 1x Crab, 1x Lobster, 1x Walrus, 1x Ray, 1x Starfish, 1x Sea Turtle, 1x Sea Horse, 1x Octopus and 1x Emperor Penguin!

A great gift and just the thing to keep the kids occupied!
  • Marine Animals (12 Pack)
  • Featuring 12 plastic Marine Animal Figures

Additional Information:
Not recommended for children below 3 years of age.
Chocking Hazard due to small pieces.

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