Magic Thumb Tip & Silk - Vanishing Hanky Trick

Magic Thumb Tip & Silk - Vanishing Hanky Trick

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One of the all time classic magic tricks!

A small silk handkerchief is tucked into the performers fist where it vanishes without a trace!

Optionally you can make the silk appear instead, showing your hands empty before producing the silk from within your closed fist!

These simple little props allow for some stunning results.

Shaped, and coloured to blend with most Caucasian skin tones, these can be worn on the thumb for an extended period without a spectator noticing, and allow for very clean vanishes, appearances, and changes all while your hands are in clear view.

Many other items can also be vanished or produced using this great prop including pieces of paper, predictions, money bills, 5p coins, etc.

This Thumb Tip is our standard 'soft large' size, which fits most Thumbs up to 23mm in diameter! Comes with a 6" Silk and instructions.

We also sell loose Thumb Tips individually for those looking for a more specific size.

Skill Rating:
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.

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