Joke Car Parking Tickets Pack of 4 Joke Tickets

Joke Car Parking Tickets Pack of 4 Joke Tickets

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These are our famous Joke Parking Tickets! 

You receive 4 Joke Parking Tickets & 4 Self Adhesive Ticket Wallets which allow you to attach them to windscreens.


Play a Joke on your Family, Friends, Colleagues or Neighbours with these.

If someone you know, parks their car somewhere and doesn't pay for parking, or parks on double yellows/in disabled bays/in parent & child bays, or even parks outside your house, etc. Simply slap one of these on the windscreen and teach them a lesson!

So realistic our Traffic Wardens have to check just to make sure they aren't one of theirs!
  • Pack of 4 Joke Parking Tickets
  • Includes 4 Self Adhesive Ticket Wallets to attach to Windscreens.
  • Our Very Own Tickets, Made From High Quality Glossy Paper and Real Ticket Wallets!
  • Popular Joke Item

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