I M Bones

I M Bones

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A classic novelty trick which has been around for many years!

This Skeleton begins dead and lifeless in his coffin, but once you awaken him he will refuse to stay in his coffin no matter how hard spectators try to keep him in!

The performer shows a little skeleton figure inside a coffin. The performer explains that by using just a touch of necromancy he can bring this seemingly dead Skeleton to life, just remember once awakened the dead won't rest easy..

The performer places the Skeleton in a spectator's hand, makes some magical gestures and.. nothing happens. Did something go wrong?

The spectator is asked to place the Skeleton back into its Coffin but when they try they find this Skeleton is very much alive- and he doesn't want to go back into his grave! No matter how hard they try the Skeleton will not rest in peace!

This cute little trick always gets a chuckle, and there's plenty of comical potential in building a routine to go with it!

We like to call our Skeleton 'Mr Boner', opening the way for a whole range of crass boner related jokes!

Easy to perform, you get the Skeleton, Coffin and instructions.

If you want to play with something a bit more risque perhaps the alernatively themed Blonde In A Bathtub might be more to your liking- there's even more dirty jokes you can have with that version!
Skill Rating:
 Easy - The trick is easy to perform and suitable for magicians of all ages and skill levels.

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