Golden Key

Golden Key

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A brass deadlock key is shown. It looks perfectly normal, but suddenly the performer does something almost supernatural with it- he MOVES the blade of the key with his finger!

The performer touches the blade again, moving it half way down the shaft. He then revolves the blade around the key so it's at right angles to the head!

Finally, he magically slides the blade of the key down to the base of the shaft, still at right angles to the head, and hands it over for examination.

To the spectators surprise the key and the blade (which is still at a weird point on the shaft) are absolutely solid! How on earth did he move it?

This really clever item is a lovely quality and can be handled in a natural manner to create one of the spookiest effects since Geller bent his first spoon!

Skill Rating:
 Intermediate - This trick requires some practice to perform, but is not difficult to master.

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