ESP Match Board

ESP Match Board

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The performer displays a Perspex frame and two packs of 5 ESP cards. He lets the spectator pick one of the packs of ESP cards whilst he takes the other one.

Keeping the cards hidden from the spectator the performer takes his cards one at a time and loads them into the frame until he has placed all 5 of his cards.

Now he asks the spectator to shuffle their cards and then hand them to the performer one at a time. They tell the performer where to place each card in the frame until all have been placed in a totally fair and random manner.

Once the spectator has added all of his cards into the frame the performer slowly turns the frame around to reveal that the spectator and performer's cards are both in the exact same order from top to bottom of the frame! Now that's magic!

This great little stage item is easy to learn and perform, and has the added plus that the spectator really can shuffle and deal the cards, and choose where each is placed in the frame every time!

Skill Rating:
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.

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