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This is a great way to create a customised gift BOX OF JOKES

Select from our best range of jokes and we will pack them into our colourful box.

All jokes are still in their original packaging, as pictured.

Great as a Stocking filler or Christmas present.

Choose 10 jokes from this selection*

Black Eye Wonderscope
Broken Window
Bullet Holes
Car Scratch
Cigarette (Cig) Burn
Creepy Ants
Dirty Face Soap
Disappearing (Vanishing) Ink
Dog Poo
Fake Beer
Fake Cigarette Endz (2 Pack)
Fake Smoking Cigarettes (2 Pack)
Fake Flies (6 Pack)
Fart Whistle
Fly In Ice Cube
Frothing Blood Capsules (3 Pack)
Fun Snaps (2 Boxes)
Hillbilly Teeth
Horrible Finger
Instant Worms
Hand Buzzer

Itching Powder
Joke Sweets - Bloody Mouth (3 Pack)
Joke Sweets - Blue Mouth (3 Pack)
Joke Sweets - Fart Action (3 Pack)
Joke Sweets - Garlic (3 Pack)
Joke Sweets - Hot Centred (3 Pack)
Joke Sweets – Fishy (3 Pack)
Joke Sweets – Soap Centred (3 Pack)
Joke Sweets- Smelly Feet (3 Pack)
Jumping Beans (3 Pack)
Kitty Crap
Money Snatcher
Mouse In The House
Nail Thru Finger
No.2 Poo Pen
Pimple & Wart
Snappy Chewing Gum
Snappy Chewing Gum with insect
Sneezing Powder
Spider (Loose)
Spider & Fly
Squirt Chewing Gum
Squirt Cigarette
Squirt Lighter
Squirt Ring
Sticky Dog Poo
Stink Bombs (3 Pack)
Water Bombs
Whoopee Cushion
Wobbly Pencil

* = Please note although we do our best not all Joke items may be available in stock. If you select an item that is currently out of stock we will contact you so you can pick an alternative!

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