Crash Thru - Burglar Ball

Crash Thru - Burglar Ball

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One of our manager's favourite tricks!

The performer shows a small plastic box and ball.

He hands the box to the spectators for inspection and asks them to check both the box and its lid carefully. Once they are satisfied that it is just a standard ungimmicked box and lid he gives them the ball to examine too. Other then a hole that runs through it its just an ordinary ball- nothing special.

Now the box and ball have both been throroughly checked the performer uses a couple of rubber bands to secure the lid on top of the box- the bands fasten it on tightly so there's no way it can be opened without removing the bands.

The performer places the ball against a tabletop with the box resting above it. He gives it a couple of taps and on the last tap the ball magically penetrates inside the box right before the spectator's eyes!

The performer removes the bands and box lid, tips out the ball and hands it all back over for examination!

This trick looks great and is very easy to perform with only a little practice.

You get the Box, Lid, Ball and Instructions- Rubber Bands NOT included (use any standard rubber bands available from most stationary shops).

Whilst stocks last we also have the Crystal Box- a slightly fancier version of the same trick which has a bigger box and prettier ball!

Skill Rating:
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and suitable for magicians of all ages and skill levels.

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