Bounce - No Bounce Balls

Bounce - No Bounce Balls

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The performer shows a small 1" black ball.

He tells how this ball is a measure of intelligence, and the higher you can bounce it the more intelligent you are. He demonstrates by giving the ball a few bounces on the table. Clearly he is rather brainy, but then you knew that already!

Now he invites a couple of spectators to try as well. Sure enough it bounces for them too, not bad!

Finally the performer gives it to the last spectator but when they try to bounce it the ball seems as bouncy as a piece of clay! The performer takes the ball and gives it a couple of bounces again- yep, its just fine! But when given to the spectator again it is still as bounceless as a pebble!

A fun visual gag, a little patter will carry this magic trick a long way and get your audience in stitches!

Highly visual, perfect for palming or sleeving and great for any size audience!

Skill Rating: Easy

Skill Ratings Explained
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.
 Intermediate - This trick requires some practice to perform, but is not difficult to master.
 Difficult - This trick requires considerable practice.
The majority of magic in our catalogue requires little or no slight of hand, leaving you free to perfect your presentation.
It is suitable for the hobbyist or professional. Needless to say that this does not mean it can be bought and performed in front of an audience in five minutes!
Magic is an art form and must be practiced so the performance given is professional, entertaining and a near miracle (even if you are a mere hobbyist).
Remember- Practice Makes Perfect!

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