Bootlace Tie - Cowboy Teddy Boy Neck Tie

Bootlace Tie - Cowboy Teddy Boy Neck Tie

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Complete your Western Costume with one of these Bootlace Ties!

Featuring a Black Lace Tie with Metal Western Brooch Clasp and Lace Tips.

Several Brooch designs are available, one will be chosen randomly.

Adjustable so it will fit just about anyone!

Also great for 1950's Teddy Boys who brought the look back and Steampunk!

  • Cowboy's Bootlace Tie
  • Black Bootlace Tie With Metal Brooch Clasp & Lace Tips
  • One Size Fits Most

Additional Information:
​​This item is an Adult Carnival Item.
It is not intended to be used as toy!