Blonde In A Bathtub

Blonde In A Bathtub

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A classic novelty trick which has been around for many years!

You can make the Blonde lay inside her Bathtub, but when anyone else tries she refuses to lie down for them!

The performer shows a little naked lady figure and bathtub. He pretends to turn tiny taps on the bathtub and runs her a nice bath. Once he is satisfied with the bath's temperature he lies the lady into the bath and she relaxes all cosy inside!

Now the performer asks one of his spectators to run the lady a bath as nice as his! He hands them both the lady and bathtub, but no matter how hard they try the lady will refuse to stay in the bathtub! They just can't get it right!

This cute little trick always gets a chuckle, and there's plenty of comical potential in building a routine to go with it!

Easy to perform, you get the Blonde, Bathtub and instructions.

If a naked Blonde is too risque for you perhaps the alternatively themed I M Bones might be more to your liking- then you only have Boner jokes to worry about!
Skill Rating:
 Easy - The trick is easy to perform and suitable for magicians of all ages and skill levels.

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