Angel Wings Feather - Small Black Fallen Angel

Angel Wings Feather - Small Black Fallen Angel

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Complete your Fallen Angel look with these Small Black Feather Angel Wings!

Featuring a set of small Black feathered Angel-style wings. Attaches via elastic straps that go over shoulders like a back pack.

Each wing measures 17.5" (44cm) tall and 8.5" (22cm) wide. They feature a wire inner at the base so that they can be posed open, closed or anywhere in between!

An angelic accessory for any Angels, Crows, Fallen Angels and Fairy Tale Fancy Dress!

  • Small Black Feather Angel Wings
  • Pair of 17.5" by 8.5" Black Feather Angel Wings with Elastic Straps
  • One size fits most

Additional Information:
​​These wings are an Adult Carnival Item.
They are not intended to be used as toys!