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Rising Card Castle

Rising Card Castle


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The Rising Card Castle is a wonderful magic effect. It is easy to perform and will amaze any audience. Don't be surprised if they want to take a picture of you and your Castle of Cards.

Cards are dropped one by one onto a table, like leaves falling in autumn. They're covered with a cloth. A magic word is said and the cloth lifted to reveal a giant castle of playing cards! A great ending to any show. A great card trick for those who don't do card tricks!

A fun effect for any entertainer who wants a magical ending for a card trick. 

As a bonus the Card Castle has a built-in rising card. Here's the routine. A card is forced on a spectator and put back into the deck. 'Is this your card?' you ask, showing them a card. 'No!' You try again and again, discarding each wrong card onto your table. Eventually, you give up and toss the whole deck down—time for a magical solution. You make the card castle appear. 'Now, can you see your card!' you say all smiles. 'No!' they say! Oh. Has it all gone badly wrong? And suddenly, their card rises up from the top of the card castle! Tah Dah.

Present as a comedy magic trick, where you try and fail to build a card castle, so decide to cheat using a little magic. 'Now I'm in the Guinness Book of Records for the faster card castle ever built!'

Self-working magic you'll love performing and will delight any audience. The ultimate packs flat plays BIG effect.

The Rising Card Castle is a towering achievement! (We had to get that in).

Comes complete with: Rising Card Castle with written instructions. Use any cloth.

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