Z Wallet

Z Wallet

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There are many possible tricks that can be done with this great little item, but the basic routine is something like this:

The performer has a spectator shuffle a normal deck of cards, then asks them to randomly draw three without looking at them and hand them to him.

The performer places the three cards inside a small wallet for safe keeping, before bringing attention to the deck box which has been sat out in the open the whole time.

The Performer asks the spectator to look inside the box where they find a piece of paper. They open it out to reveal a prediction of the three cards chosen.

The performer removes the cards from the wallet and reveals them to show that they match the prediction perfectly!

The Z Wallet is a simple economy version of the classic 'changing' wallet.

Place any flat objects inside like playing cards, credit cards, money bills, paper, etc. and then change them magically into something else.

Skill Rating: Easy

Skill Rating:
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.

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