Super Slush Powder - Lightning Gel

Super Slush Powder - Lightning Gel

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Slush powder is a very useful magic accessory that allows you to instantly turn liquid into a solid gel!

In fact, if you add just a small spoon of this powder to a glass of water you will see the water almost instantly become solid!

With a little extra powder and a quick stir even larger volumes of liquid can be solidified in this way (putting it in a mate's pint whilst he's in the loo has been a popular past time here at the Jokeshop)!

Outside of its immediate gelling properties it also comes in handy as a useful aid- for example you can use Slush Powder with a Mirror Glass. Fill the glass with wine (or colored water) and a little Slush Powder, makes a magical gesture and turns the glass over… the wine not only vanishes, but instantly changes into a red silk with no mess or leakage!

Just make sure you don't eat any!

Each tub contains 45g (4oz) of Super Slush Powder.

Skill Rating:
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.

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