Scythe - Grim Reaper Weapon

Scythe - Grim Reaper Weapon

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A popular Halloween accessory, the Scythe is the trademark tool of the Grim Reaper - used to cut the spirits of the dead from their bodies!

This one won't be cutting anything anytime soon, but it makes a good accessory for Reapers, Deaths, Wraiths and Ghouls!

Featuring a 40" (105cm) plastic Scythe, this weapon brakes down into 4 pieces making it easy to carry about and store. Simply screw the sections back together when you want to use it!

Additional Information:
​Adult Carnival Item.
Not a Toy.
Do not point or aim at face!
Not suitable for children under 3 years.
Choking Hazard! Small Parts.

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