Mystic Smoke

Mystic Smoke

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Make a Magic Smoke from your finger tips!

A classic novelty from an older generation of Joke & Magic Shops!

This small tube contains a strange, sticky gel that when put on the finger tips and then rubbed causes what appears to be an incredibly lifelike smoke to manifest!

In actual fact its just wisps of the gel that forms into smoke-like web that drifts away into the air, but the effect is very convincing!

Sure to spark a nostalgic vain into the hearts of big kids (ie- adults) everywhere!

12ml (12cc) Tube, Sold Loose without packaging.

  • Mystic Smoke- Magic Smoke From Your Finger Tips!
  • Special gel that when rubbed between fingers creates a silky, realistic looking fake smoke.
  • 12cm (12cc) Tube, Sold Loose Without Packaging
  • Use only under adult supervision

    Additional Information:
    Not intended for children under 14 years of age.
    Do Not Ingest.
    Contains Latex.

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