Mental Die

Mental Die

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The performer presents a small plastic pot and a die with different Emojis on it.

He hands them over to a spectator, turns his back, and asks the spectator to select one Emoji on the die, place it into the pot with the chosen face on top, and then replace the lid so that the performer can't see the selection made.

Once the selection has been hidden the performer turns around again. He takes the pot and asks the spectator to concentrate on it, imaging the Emoji that they chose inside their mind.

The performer magically reads the spectator's mind, identifies their selection and names it! He opens the box to reveal the matching symbol. 

This straight forward and easy bit of mentalism can be performed over and over with different results each time. The choice the spectator makes is totally free, and there is no forces or secret moves!

Skill Rating:
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.

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