Marked & Gaff Card Combo

Marked & Gaff Card Combo

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Made by Uday’s Magic this is an outfit comprising of two complete decks with a back design in blue as illustrated – and if you like to experiment, and create your own tricks, this is an ideal combination. One is apparently an ordinary deck of cards, but in fact a marked deck. The marking is different to the popular Grandmaster design above, and therefor not one your audience could be familiar with. With this deck you can perform the 100s of effects possible with any regular effect, plus the dozens of others possible with a marked deck.

The second deck is a deck of matching gaffs, and a very versatile collection of these that makes dozens of packet or full deck effects possible, some using part or all of the cards from the matching marked deck. (Illustration shows only some of the varieties) These gaff cards include double face and double back cards, blank face and blank back cards, gag cards (like 14 of Diamonds, Tree of Diamonds, and 3 1/2 of Clubs), Dual index cards (like a 2 of Diamonds with a 3 of Diamonds index, or 9C with an 8C index), half and multiple printed cards, double printed cards (that show one card from one side and another from the opposite side), and many many others. You get over 50 of these specially printed gaff cards in the outfit, and you can perform dozens of tricks with them, and create dozens of your own. If you are interested in card magic, this is an invaluable outfit that is a must.

While there are dozens of effects you can perform with this outfit, we supply this without any instructions, except the instructions for “reading” the marked deck. Any instructions for this would be incomplete, and even if we published some of these, they would be a fairly large booklet, that would considerably increase the cost of the outfit. Added to this is the fact that as we come across new ideas they could not be added to the printed instructions. We therefore have the instructions for dozens of effects possible with this outfit on a secret page on our website, and you get the access link to this when you buy the outfit. This is a great advantage to you – you do not pay for this, as you would for a printed book. The instructions will be periodically updated – if you have an idea or two not already covered, we will be happy to add it to the instructions with credit to you. It is our effort to make the best use of the technology available to bring you the best benefits of an item, at the lowest possible cost, and conserve our natural resources. You are free to download or print the instructions from the link, though once you go through them this is not really necessary for most of the effects possible.

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