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Each of these little Magic Sets includes 4 tricks with over 15 accompanying routines!

The tricks contained are all easy and visual little classics which are great for novices and children to learn!

Many of the tricks are available from us separately, so getting them as part of a set like this is great value for money!

There are 3 different sets available!

Yellow Set Includes:
Money Transformer- Change a coin into a different coin, or make it vanish!
Card Monte- Two cards are shown, magically turn one card into the other!
Snap It- Challenge your friends to solve this magic puzzle!
Wonder Water- Gravity defying liquid magic!
+ 15 accompanying routines!

Green Set Includes:
Puzzling Boomerang- Boomerangs that magically change size!
Colour Vision- Reveal a chosen image hidden in a sealed box!
Perplexing Beads- Coloured Beads magically change position!
Coin Paddle- Coins appear to vanish and change!
+ 15 accompanying routines!

Blue Set Includes:
Crystal Coin Case- A borrowed coin vanishes even though trapped!
Money Tube- Make a money note vanish instantly!
Money Factory- Let the factory magically make or change real money!
Coin Puzzle- Your eyes will fool you with this illusion!
+ 15 accompanying routines!

Pick the set you want from the drop down menu!

Skill Rating:
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.

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