Houdini's Chains

Houdini's Chains

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The performer presents a length of chain and a padlock to his spectators.

The performer demonstrates that the chain and lock are real by binding up a spectator's wrists as a demonstration. Sure enough they can't brake free once chained up!

The performer then gets the spectator to chain and lock his wrists up instead! The spectator is encouraged to make sure its nice and tight- they don't want to make it easy!

Once the spectator is happy that the performer is secure he turns his back for a second and when he turns around again he has escaped from the chains in an instant, but how!?

Houdini's Chains is easy to do and has a high impact. The 55cm chain and padlock are both ungimmicked and totally examinable!

Skill Rating:
 Intermediate - This trick requires some practice to perform, but is not difficult to master.

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