Grow Your Own Boobs

Grow Your Own Boobs

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Got a friend with 5ps on an ironing board? A sad case of bee stings? Well now you can make them feel so much better about being a bit flat chested with these Grow Your Own Boobs!

Simply place this miniature set of Boobs in water and within the first 2 hours they will start to grow!

Over the next few days your Boobs will get bigger and bigger, growing up to 600% of their original size (if only it was so easy)!

Once removed from water this set of joke Boobs will slowly shrink back to their original size, so they can be grown again and again!!

Just the joke for that unchesty friend, family member or co-worker who could do with with a nice pair!

Additional Information:

Adult novelty item - not a toy.

For novelty purposes only- they won't be actually Boob sized when they are fully grown, its just a joke!

Additional Information:
This is an Adult Novelty for Silly Minded Grown Ups! It is NOT a toy!
Do not eat your boobs... Do not eat this either!
Choking hazard due to small parts ;- )

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