Free Will

Free Will

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The performer takes a pouch and tips out the contents; 3 plastic chips and a piece of folded up paper.
The chips each have a different shape on one side and an eye design on the other. He points to the folded paper and announces that on this paper he has written a prediction of what is about to happen.
The performer turns his back whilst the chips are mixed up face down by a volunteer. When he turns around he asks the performer to pick the chips one at a time and do one of three things with them- either he puts it in the bag, gives it to the performer or keeps it for himself. Once all three chips have been assigned the performer asks the volunteer to open the paper. Sure enough the prediction matches the exact location of every chip!
Was it free will? Or did the magician know all along!
This simple mental magic trick is great fun and very simple to perform, with very little setup or practice required.

Everything can be now examined, there's no secret moves or sleights- its all under your control!

Includes chips, pouch and instructions.

Skill Rating
 Easy - The trick is easy to perform and suitable for magicians of all ages and skill levels.

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