Exploding Detonator

Loftus JW-0049
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Place Detonator device under any item, when the item is picked up, the device will trigger a loud BANG!

You set this device up by putting a plastic cap on the brass stud, then pulling the detonator back, closing the lid and then putting it under something to weigh it down like a bag, book, glass, can, shoe etc.

When someone picks up the object, the detonator fires the cap which makes a loud bang! Scaring the living daylights out of your victim!

The device uses plastic caps to produce the bang (Not supplied).

Great joke to use under any object that is heavy enough to weigh it down.

The device is 3.2cm long by 1.4cm wide by 0.5cm high so its easy to hide it under objects.

  • Retro Joke.
  • Exploding BANG action!
  • 1 per pack
Buying Options:

-Device Only
Just the Detonator device on its own

-Device with caps

Detonator device with 5x rings of 8-shot caps
Due to International Shipping Laws we sadly cannot send Caps overseas!
We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Additional Information:
Not suitable for children below 16 years old.
Do not use near eyes and ears.

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