Cube & Box - Colour Vision Economy

Cube & Box - Colour Vision Economy

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The performer presents a small card cube with different colours on each side and a plastic box.

He hands the cube and box over to a spectator and then turns his back so he can't see them. He asks the spectator to pick a colour on the cube and place it in the box with the chosen colour on top, then close the lid so the cube cannot be seen.

The performer turns around a takes the closed cube. He gets the spectator to focus on the closed box whilst the performer attempts to read their mind and identify the chosen colour.

After just a few moments the performer can immediately sense the colour and speaks it out loud, at which point he removes the lid on the box to confirm he is correct!

Can be performed over and over with different results each time, the chosen colour really is a free choice left to the spectator.

This trick is part of a range of simple and visual magic tricks, ones which are great for beginners of all ages, kids included!

Note: Same effect but this product is the budget version (as pictured)

Skill Rating:
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.

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