Theatrical Cane With Gold Ball Handle- Collapsible

Theatrical Cane With Gold Ball Handle- Collapsible

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Complete your costume with this Theatrical Cane.

Featuring a 42" (107cm) Plastic Cane with Ornate Gold Colour Knob. The base also has a cap for extra durability.

Great as a Dancing Accessory and for Halloween and Victorian Fancy Dress.

Best of all this Cane is collapsible and breaks down into three pieces! This means we can not only post it out to you but it can be easily stored away as well! The two parts simply slot together. You can also use a bit of tape or glue for extra security!

  • Theatrical Cane With Gold colour Ball Handle - Collapsible
  • 42" (107cm) Plastic Theatrical Cane with Silver Ball Handle Detail
  • Comes in Three Pieces, Slot Together and Secure with Tape or Glue!
  • Great for a variety of different Fancy Dress Outfits

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