Small Prankster Box of Jokes

Small Prankster Box of Jokes

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Great selection of Jokes for a small prankster!

We have specially selected the best range of jokes suitable for young children (4-6 year olds)

All jokes are still in their original packaging, as pictured, and supplied in a colourful BOX OF JOKES box. Great as a Stocking filler or Christmas present.

The Small Prankster box contains:

1x Joke Dog Poo
Realistic looking small dog crap! Approximate size 5cm (2")
1x Snappy Chewing Gum
The Snappy gum is a prank where your victim is offered a stick of chewing gum. When the victim pulls on the stick of gum, the spring releases and strikes the victim's finger, causing minor pain and embarrassment.
1x Droopy Eye Specs
These classic joke Glasses feature a bulging eyes on springs that hang out, wibble and shake with your movements!
1x Fart Whistle
Small whistle, when blown sounds like a Fart Noise! Hours of fun for kids!
1x Hot Sweets (3 in a pack)
Offer unsuspecting friends and family an innocent sweet, let them get their chops around it and then watch their reaction as they realise the centre of the sweet tastes of hot pepper! Gruesome, but very funny!
1x Whoopee Cushion
The traditional Whoopee Cushion which you blow up yourself and hide in a chair. Makes that classic raspberry sound so beloved of pranksters throughout the ages! 20cm (8") diameter!
2x Fun Snaps Devil Bangers (50 pieces in a box)
Box of exploding fun snaps.Throw these snappers to the ground to make a bang. Snap bang action!
1x Squirt Ring
Place ring on finger, when someone admires it they get a wet surprise. Refillable
1x Fake Spider & Fly
Realistic looking Spider & Fly. Scare your loved one by placing the spider in the bed! Scary!!!

Additional Information:
Not suitable for children below 3 years old.

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