Houdini Chain Shackle Escape

Houdini Chain Shackle Escape

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The performer shows a sturdy set of metal shackles and a couple of padlocks.

He gets a volunteer to come up and examine both the shackles and padlocks, ensuring that they are normal and ungimmicked.

Once satisfied the spectator is then asked to fasten the performer into them nice and tightly!

Once secured a cloth or silk is draped over the performer's hands. He announces he is now going to try and escape!

Whilst escaping he asks if the volunteer would just mind moving to a different point on the performance area. He takes a hand out and moves the volunteer to where he wants him.. wait, what?! Isn't he supposed to be shackled?! The performer sticks his hand under the silk again and looks innocent. When questioned the silk is removed and the performer is still shown to be locked up!

The drape is replaced and once again the performer takes out a hand and indicates something else to the volunteer! When examined the shackles are still secure!

Finally realizing the game is up he removes both hands from under the cloth to show he has indeed escaped. He hands the shackles back to the spectator. Everything can once again be examined.

These special shackles are totally ungimmicked and use normal everyday padlocks, meaning they can be freely examined to any degree- there's no secret unlocking mechanism, the secret is all in the routine!

Requires two normal padlocks, not included.

Skill Rating:
 Easy - This trick is easy to perform and is suitable for beginners of all ages.

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