Hungry Snapper Hand Puppet

Hungry Snapper Hand Puppet

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These Hungry Snappers are super popular with kids in our Scarborough store!

Each Hungry Snapper is a 5" rubber animal head hand puppet. Slot your hand into the back and make the creature bite, talk, roar and pull funny faces!

These squidgy rubber puppets will captivate your children's imagination!

Two styles are available, Crocodile or Shark. Additionally each style also comes in two different colours. Pick the one you would like from the drop down menu!

  • Hungry Snapper Hand Puppet
  • 5" Rubber Animal Head Hand Puppets
  • Two Designs are available (Crocodile or Shark), pick the one you want from the drop down menu.
  • Great kid's item!

Additional Information:
Not recommended for children below 3 years of age.
Chocking Hazard due to small pieces.

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